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MSDC: Workshop Guidelines

The Meis Student Development Center (MSDC) provides professional development opportunities to help prepare students to enter the work force. It is up to Catapult Faculty to determine how many events are required and what weight they hold in their syllabus.

The information on this page is available as a PDF document


  • Attendance will only be counted for students attending workshops appropriate for their class levels. Recommended class levels are listed on the Meis Center event list and in the descriptions in the Outlook Calendar. The website used to take attendance provides the students grade level so we are able to enforce the policy. Hopefully this will help eliminate students from attending workshops multiple times throughout their career in the Scott College of Business.

  • Students will be denied entry into a workshop without their student ID. If a student present’s another student’s ID as their own, they will be referred to student judicial at ISU. This is a serious violation of the student code.  

  • Students will not be admitted to workshops if they arrive more than 5 minutes past the start time.

  • Quizzes will be distributed after each workshop. The quizzes will be emailed to students at the end of the workshop. They will have 10 minutes to complete the quiz and must score at minimum of 7/10 in order to receive credit for the workshop. Faculty don’t need to worry about keeping track of quiz scores—if a student appears on your attendance sheet then they have scored high enough to receive credit.  

  • Students must bring a laptop or smart phone in order to take the workshop quiz. However, it is expected that students will engage in professional, appropriate behavior during events – i.e. only using technology to take notes about the presentation, no talking, no sleeping, etc.

  • The Meis Center* has capacity for 30 people.  Workshops tend to fill up quickly towards the end of the semester. Students should not wait until the last minute to meet their Catapult requirements. However keep in mind that if students are attending workshops toward the end of the semester, it is advised to arrive early.  *Other venues (FD 223 and the Career Center) have their own capacity regulations.

  • Most workshops are 50 minutes long; students need to be prepared to stay for the entire duration.

  • We have no specific dress code requirements, except to “invitation only” events – i.e. Executive Dining Experience.

  • Unless indicated on calendar, no advance registration required/accepted for our events. 

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