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MSDC Workshops

This page describes the aims of the workshops offered by the MSDC.

Coming soon for Spring 2018 - Download a version of the MSDC calendar (PDF format, includes descriptions of the workshops and MSDC guidelines)

A Picture is Worth 1000 Words

  • The proper font sizes and styles to use on slides
  • How to design and structure slides
  • The right way to use movies and pictures 
  • What content on the slide should look like
  • Practice designing a professional PowerPoint presentation  

Deliverable: Class PowerPoint presentation

Advanced Resume Writing

  • What content and sections they should put in a resume and what to leave out 
  • How to target their resume to a position they want 
  • How to enhance their bullets points 

Deliverable: Approved resume in Sycamore Career Link within 2 weeks after workshop

Are You Ready? Group Mock Interview Practice

  • Practice common interview questions in front of a small group
  • Utilize the C-A-R method when answering behavioral type questions 
  • Practice non-verbal communications such as posture, facial expressions, and handshakes

Deliverable: Practice different types of Interview questions & responses in panel interview environment

Career Fair Prep

  • How to prepare for the Career Fair
  • What to wear, and what not to wear
  • How to create an ‘elevator speech’ and make a good first impression
  • What to ask employers depending on your year in college
  • What to bring to a Career Fair
  • How to follow up with employers after the Career Fair

Deliverable: Quiz

Conexus Operations 

A panel of professionals from Conexus Indiana will discuss the ever growing manufacturing logistic industries. This would be a great opportunity for upper level OSCM students or freshman and sophomores with undecided majors. About Conexus Indiana: Manufacturing is evolving- it's high-tech, innovative, and driven by explosive growth productivity. In Indiana, we're on the cutting-edge of these trends. And here at the Crossroads of America, we know how to get our goods quickly and efficiently into the hands of customers across the nation and around the world. Now Indiana has another advantage: Conexus Indiana, an initiative to capitalize on emerging opportunities in advanced manufacturing and logistics, aligning resources and expertise to make Indiana a leader in these exciting industries. Conexus Indiana is focused on issues like workforce development, exploring new market opportunities and building research and supplier networks to help Indiana manufacturing and logistics firms succeed.  

Cover Letter Review

In order to receive Meis Credit you must submit a cover letter written for a specific job with that job posting attached to the document and have it be approved.  That submission can be in person with an appointment with Kyle Harris, Assistant Director of the Career Center, email it to, or upload it to Sycamore Career Link through your ISU portal.  Either Kyle or another trained professional will review your cover letter.  If it passes, you will be given Meis credit for an approved cover letter.  If it is not approved, you will either be sent a copy of the revisions that must be made or you will be required to attend an appointment for an in-person review.  All final cover letters must be approved no later than Study Week.

Fundamentals of Resume Writing

  • What types of information to collect to help them write resumes 
  • How to use MS Word to Build a resume (students are encouraged to bring laptops)
  • Tips on formatting, bullet point creation, and organization of the resume 

Deliverable: Quiz

Get Experience! How to Start an Internship Search

  • Know how to prepare and begin internship search
  • Know certain online resources to help with internship search
  • Know common application requirements 

Deliverable: Quiz

Graduate School, Professional School and Lifelong Learning

  • Different graduate degree options 
  • Graduate school entrance requirements  
  • How to prepare for entrance exams 
  • The importance of continuing to learn and grow as a working professional 

Deliverable: Quiz

Growth Mindset

  • What is growth and mindset and so?
  • How to use the growth mindset academically and transition it to the work place
  • The important role of lifelong learning

Deliverable: Quiz

How Volunteering Can Help Your Career

Indiana State University prides itself with being ranked nationally as #1 in public service. Sycamores are fantastic at giving of their time, talents, and resources. However, did you know that volunteering is an excellent way to gain experience, enhance skills, and to network professionally? Attend the workshop to learn how volunteering can help prepare for a career after graduation. 

Deliverable : Survey

Introduction to Cover Letter Writing

  • Know the 3 main parts to a body of a cover letter
  • Know how to tailor cover letter to job description 

Deliverable: Submit cover letter for review to Career Center within 2 weeks of workshop

Leveraging Your LinkedIn

Employers are using LinkedIn more and more to recruit, hire, and network with potential candidates. This workshop will give you the tips and tricks of navigating LinkedIn to network, research potential companies, and use as an effective job search tool.

  • How to utilize LinkedIn in the internship and job search
  • How to use LinkedIn to grow their professional knowledge with groups and association
  • How to use LinkedIn to grow their professional networks 

Deliverable: Quiz

Marketing Yourself: Creating a Product for Employers to Buy

  • Understand that you are a product and businesses are the potential clients
  • Learn how to create a product that companies will want to hire/buy
  • Identify your weaknesses and how to turn them into strengths
  • Go through the first steps to creating a marketing plan for yourself
  • Create a SWOT analysis during the workshop

Deliverable: Create SWOT analysis due within one week

Mastering the Career Fair 

A Career Fair is a great way for students to meet a large number of employers in a short amount of time, but it's important to be prepared! This workshop takes students step by step from beginning of the Career Fair to the end, including: clarifying goals, researching organizations, preparing an elevator pitch, what to wear, what to bring to the fair, how to navigate through the event, and how to follow up with employers after the fair. ​

  • Know how to prepare for the Career Fair
  • Know what to ask employers depending on your year in college 
  • Practice effectively using their elevator pitch at the Career Fair 

Deliverable: Practice elevator pitch for the Fair

MyPlan Workshop

MyPlan helps students and professionals plan more fulfilling lives by making well-informed decisions about their education and careers. Whether you're deciding on a mjor, planning ahead for your first career, or thinking about making a career change, MyPlan can help you explore options and bring clarity and insight into figuring out what's right for you. MyPlan includes a personality test, interest inventory, skill profiler, and values assessment, as well as a career database, video library, and salary calculator.

To register or to sign back into MyPlan, navigate to For first time registrants click on "Create Free Account" and when prompted enter license code LV9QF9A8. After completing your Career Assessment, we highly recommend you attend a "MyPlan Review" workshop to help interpret your results and learn how use those results to determine a career path. Be sure to bring a copy of your results. 

Deliverable: Knowing how to use their assessment results to look at themes for potential careers

Networking in a Crowd of Strangers

  • Learn how to network with professionals
  • Learn how to carry on a conversation and ask appropriate question
  • Learn how to work the room 

Deliverable: Workshop activity

Overcoming Public Speaking Anxiety

  • Why we fear public speaking
  • How to face fear of public speaking
  • How to overcome fear of public speaking 
  • Participate in exercises to overcome public public speaking anxiety 

Deliverable: Participation in exercises in session

Public Speaking 101

  • What not to do during a presentation 
  • What to do to improve presentations
  • Techniques to enhance presentations
  • Practice presenting 

Deliverable: Practice presenting in front of a small group in-session

Putting the Fun in Resume Fundamentals

In order to have an excellent resume, it must go through the editing and revision stages. This workshop will allow you the opportunity to work with a Career Advisor and learn how to use our Resume Rubric. Help your resume stand out in the stack of applications by learning how to customize it for specific jobs and internships. It is strongly recommended that students bring a hard copy of their resume to get the most out of this hands-on workshop.

Deliverable: Survey

Resume Final Review

In order to receive Meis Credit you must submit your job ready final resume for final review and have it be approved. That submission can be in person with an appointment with Kyle Harris, Assistant Director of the Career Center, email it to, or upload it to Sycamore Career Link through your ISU portal.  Either Kyle or another trained professional will review your resume.  If it passes, you will be given Meis credit for an approved resume.  If it is not approved, you will either be sent a copy of the revisions that must be made or you will be required to attend an appointment for an in-person review.  All final resumes must be approved no later than Study Week.

Sales Career Exploration Event 

  • Recommended for anyone with an interest in sales
  • Contact David Fleming to RSVP. Student will not be able to attend unless they've reserved their spot. 

Deliverable: Interacting with sales professionals

Sales Panel 

  • The Sales Center will be bringing in professionals in the sales industry to campus to talk about a variety of topics

SCOB is Career Ready

  • Students will fill out the SCOB is Career Ready document 

Deliverable: Survey

Scott College of Business Major's Fair

  • Drop in between to learn about the different majors and minors offered in the Scott College of Business from our faculty!

Secrets to Student Success

  • Tips on how to effectively take notes during class
  • Smart study tips, along with examples of different methods to approach different materials
  • Strategies for preparing a timeline to help you avoid procrastination

Deliverable: Quiz

Social Media Shouldn’t Hurt: Using social media to advance your online presence

  • The importance of maintain an appropriate social media image
  • How to create a strong social presence and add value using social media 

Deliverable: Quiz & activity

Strategies for Interview Success

  • How to prepare for potential interviews
  • About C-A-R method to answering behavioral behavioral interview questions
  • Be introduced to different types of interviews and interview questions that may be asked 

Deliverable: Practice CAR Method in answering behavioral interview questions

What Can an MBA do for You?

  • Overview of the MBA degree
  • The benefits of an MBA and potential careers 
  • About the MBA from Indiana State University 

Who Wants A Job? How to start the job search

  • Know how to prepare and begin job search
  • Know certain online resources to help with job search
  • Know common application requirements

Deliverable: Show MSDC completed Job Application within 2 days of workshop

Young Alumni Panel 

Come learn from recent graduates about their experiences in "the real world". Alumni that have graduated from Indiana State within the last 5 years will be talking about their career paths. Some of the topics will include the job search, what skills made them successful in their first job(s), and what they wish they had known before graduating. Don't hesitate to ask those burning questions for booths those seeking internships and full time positions! 

  • The Sales Center will be bringing Alumni back to campus to discuss this transition from the Scott College of Business into the sales career field. 


Previous workshops included:-

Advanced Outlook

  • The next step in utilizing Microsoft Outlook to continue improving time management skills
  • How to make Outlook work for you by creating folders and tasks
  • Better utilization of the group meeting feature to help make group project management easier

Avoiding Plagiarism - Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors

  • What plagiarism is, why they need to give sources, and why they must ensure to note their sources the correct way
  • Consequences of plagiarism & plagiarism "rules"
  • Learn the facts about plagiarism before it’s too late

Be Prepared: Tools for your Professional Tool Box

  • Focusing on tasks and goals in Outlook
  • Importance of syncing your technology
  • Apps to help with efficiency 

Breaking Down Barriers: Career Issues For Women in STEM

  • Women make up only 24% of the workforce in STEM.  What are your opportunities?  How can you make an impact? How can you support others in pursuing their dreams? Come to our panel of STEM employers and faculty to learn more about the opportunities that await you and how to support others.

Business Abroad: Making Decisions Across Cultures

  • Learn the importance of understanding “local” culture
  • Understand legal implications of following and not following local cultural guidelines
  • Prepare to make “ethical” decisions abroad

Business Customs and Culture of China

  • Basics of China, including geography, and the political and economic environment
  • Business practices and customs in China
  • Cultural differences between Americans and Chinese
  • Study Abroad opportunities in China

Business Customs and Culture of Italy

  • Basics of Italy, including geography, and the political and economic environment
  • Business practices and customs in Italy
  • Cultural differences between Americans and Italians
  • Study Abroad opportunities in Italy

Business Customs and Culture of South Africa

  • Basics of South Africa, including geography, and the political and economic environment
  • Business practices and customs in South Africa 
  • Cultural differences between Americans and South Africans
  • Study Abroad opportunities in South Africa 

Business Customs and Cultures of Thailand

  • Basics of Thailand, including geography, and the political and economic environment
  • Business practices and customs in Thailand
  • Cultural differences between Americans and Thais
  • Study Abroad opportunities in Thailand

Career Success Through Humility

  • What humility is and why it’s important in the workplace
  • How to tell if you’re being humble 
  • Steps to become more humble and how that relates to career success

Careers in Operation Supply Chain Management

  • Learn about the Supply Chain Management major
  • Different career opportunities within the industry 
  • How to get involved within the major and industry

Choose Your Channel - Juniors and Seniors

  • This workshop discusses the advantages and disadvantages of various channels and provides suggestions for choosing the right channel to get your message across.

Cracking the Case: Identifying Issues and Solving Them - Juniors and Seniors

  • Interactive session that provides an introduction to case analysis
  • Learn how to identify key issues and problems, outline and assess alternative courses of action, and draw conclusions
  • Workshop is hands-on, providing students an opportunity to practice the case analysis process
  • The case analysis process can be applied to analysis of real world business problems.

Dorm Room to Board Room - Everyone

  • Summer Internship?  Graduating and moving to your first job?  How do you make a good first impression?  What is important in the first 3 months?  Learn about some of the pitfalls to avoid as you join us as we discuss transitioning from college into your first career. 

Entrepreneurship: Not Usually Business Majors

  • Learn the difference between an Entrepreneur, Entrepreneurship & Startups.
  • How to tell if you should go into Entrepreneurship.
  • What to study to be an Entrepreneur

Ethical Student, Ethical Employee

  • Identify characteristics of an ethical employee
  • How does this translate into the academic setting
  • Students will learn about the 10 ethical leadership characteristics

Ethics of Inclusive Excellence: LGBTQ Community  - Everyone

  • Strategies for working with a diverse workgroup
  • What does inclusive excellence mean 
  • How do these strategies transfer to the workplace

Focus Indiana Information Session

  • Interested in receiving a scholarship for having an internship? If so, attend this session to learn more about the Focus Indiana, Rex Breeden, Job Shadow, and Out of State Internship Scholarship.

Getting Back on Track 

  • How to identify negative behaviors that hamper progress toward academic and professional goals
  • Strategies to rededicate effort toward those goals
  • How to not let a few mistakes have a large impact on the rest of your semester and time at ISU

Getting Creative: Simplex Process for Generating Ideas - Sophomores and Juniors

The best solutions to the problems and opportunities we face result from having many ideas to consider, but generating multiple ideas that are unique and creative can be a struggle. This workshop will present  two techniques from the Simplex Process for Applied Creativity: the diverge technique for generating ideas

Google Analytics - Juniors and Seniors

  • What is Google Analytics?
  • How companies use data Google collects to make business decisions 
  • What you need to focus on if you want to be seen as a marketing guru

Got Conflict?

  • Understand the different types of conflict, conflict styles, and conflict resolution methods. 
  • Learn to identify different conflict styles and know strategies for communicating with and navigating.   
  • Have the skills to facilitate a difficult conversation.

How to Fail Successfully

  • The "art" of failing using the Star Approach
  • How to reflect on failure to articulate lessons learned
  • Important insight on how to answer the "what is your biggest failure" interview question

How to Outlook

  • Develop strategies to use the calendar for academic success
  • Utilize the calendar applications to improve time management
  • Transfer calendaring skills to manage individual and group projects

How to Present Yourself as a Professional

  • Managing yourself - how you dress, how you speak, how you write
  • Making the hard choices
  • What to do about messy problems


  • Understand the academic related policies at Indiana State;
  • Understand consequences if held responsible for academic misconduct; and
  • Be able to connect the importance of academic integrity to professional integrity and ethics

Impending Graduation: How to be an Adult

  • How to create a budget and stick with it
  • How to make those immediate decisions with a new job- benefits, housing, utilities, etc.
  • Expectations for effectiveness on the job

Industry Spotlight: Healthcare, Sports, & Manufacturing

  • General information about this specific industry
  • What types of employers are in this industry and if they recruit at ISU
  • What job titles can someone pursue in these fields
  • Different types of professional organizations or resources are out there for them

Is this a today problem?

  • The difference between critical and noncritical tasks
  • How to determine priorities and set goals
  • Break down a large project into more manageable tasks

ISBDC: How Can it Help You?

  • What it takes to be an entrepreneur
  • Steps you have to consider when starting a business
  • The free tools ISBDC offers to help you succeed 

Leave a Legacy

  • Entitled, lazy, sheltered... You have heard what people say about your generation. We believe this generation is the positioned to leave a legacy. Learn how others before have and what you can do to use your business degree to leave a legacy.

Lessons from the Trenches: Starting Your Career Strong

  • Scott College of Business Alumni will return to share their insight and experiences regarding graduating, entering the workforce, and starting your career off strong.

Making Difficult Decisions:  Force Field Analysis

  • A strategy for considering forces in support of and against a change 
  • Force field analysis can be used with all types of changes 
  • Workshop includes skill practice - an opportunity to apply force field analysis 

Managing the Chaos

  • To determine what’s important by using various methods
  • Strategies to keep chaos at bay
  • How to integrate these strategies both professionally and academically

Managing Offers and Salary Negotiations

  • How to critically think through jobs offers
  • Resources to research competitive and realistic salaries
  • How to evaluate their own personal worth
  • When and how to negotiate salary and benefits

Master the Art of Meetings

  • Robert's Rules of Order
  • How to keep a group on track and on task 
  • How to create an agenda and assign roles 

Negotiating the Behavioral Interview

  • What is a behavioral interview
  • How to prepare for a behavior interview 
  • Get practice fielding and answering behavioral interview questions

Non-Profit: Employment with an Impact

  • Non-Profit organizations are often thought of as places you volunteer. However, there are a variety of jobs that contribute to the success of any non-profit company. This presentation covers the benefits of working in the non-profit sector and all the opportunities that go with it. This presentation will be employer lead.

Perfecting Your Elevator Pitch

  • What is an elevator speech
  • How to craft one for yourself
  • When you should give your elevator speech

Professionalism in the Workplace

  • The term “professional” means different things depending on the environment and the people making the policies. This session will cover what is commonly accepted as “professional” behavior in the job search and in today’s work environment. This presentation will discuss utilizing social media in the job search, interview and workplace attire, professional communication tips, and strategies for making a successful transition into your first job.

Resolving Conflicts within Your Team

  • 5 ways to handle conflict within a team or one-on-one
  • How to identify which conflict resolution style is best in different situations
  • Steps for collaboration and problem solving within a team

School, Job, Social Life: How to Have it All

  • Tips for making the most of your time at Indiana State University
  • How to balance a demanding schedule to make time for everything
  • Time management tips

Study Abroad

  • The different study abroad opportunities available
  • How to work study abroad into your schedule
  • The benefits of study abroad to your future career

Team Dynamics - Sophomores and Juniors

  • Stages of team development - what they are and how to survive them
  • How to be an effective "team player" - roles needed for team success
  • Building cohesion on your team to make the team experience more enjoyable

Transitioning from Student to Professional

  • The basic difference between college and the world of work
  • Behaviors to avoid in the workplace
  • How to start their career off successfully

Understanding Professional Boundaries

  • How to navigate different cultures in the work place
  • The best way to make a good first impression at your new job
  • How to ask for things in a professional manner

Understanding Your Communication Style

  • Their MBTI Personality Type and what it means
  • How they take in information, make decisions, and communicate based on their personality
  • Learn how to better communicate with others based on personality preferences

Walking and Talking Like a Professional

  • Professional Emailing Etiquette
  • Professional vs Business Casual Dress
  • Basic Professional Communication Dos and Don’ts
  • The Importance of First Impressions and Professional Images

What can you do today for your career tomorrow?

  • How to start preparing for your career as a freshman and sophomore
  • How to take advantage of all the tools ISU has to offer
  • What you can do to start setting yourself apart from your peers

What Do You Want To Be When You Grow Up?

  • What MyPlan is and the other career exploration resources the Career Center has
  • What is Sycamore Career Link and how to use it
  • How to use the Career Center’s newly designed website to explore career options

What you need to know as a Freshman/Sophomore

  • How to start preparing for your career as a freshman and sophomore
  • How to take advantage of all the tools ISU has to offer
  • What you can do to start setting yourself apart from your peers

What you need to know as an ISU Junior and Senior

  • Important information to keep students on track to graduate in four years
  • Things outside of class that you can do to help prepare you for life after graduation
  • Dates to remember

Why Do You Do What You Do? An Overview of Temperament Theory

  • Learn the difference between personality & temperament and its implications on your career.
  • Identify the different types of temperaments & how they act.
  • Learn the strengths and weaknesses of each temperament and their ideal job environments.

Working with Difficult People: Is It You?

  • Understand the importance of working well with others
  • Learn tips to help with working with difficult people
  • Identify if you are the difficult person in the group and how to work well with others

Writing About You Without I

  • How to write in a you attitude
  • How to focus on skills and knowledge instead of yourself
  • Essential skills for writing the perfect cover letter

Wut Msg R U Sending?

  •  Proper email etiquette
  • ·How to convey a professional tone through email
  • How to avoid making unprofessional mistakes

Your Way With Words

  • The differences between the way men and women communicate in a professional setting
  • Communication tips to help you be more effective


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