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Finance: Student Videos

Ask ScottieFinancial literacy is more important than ever as the burden of making financial decisions is coming to rest increasingly on the shoulders of consumers. Financial literacy will increase your standard of living and result in a better life. On the other hand, low financial literacy means paying more for borrowing, other financial services and accumulating less wealth. Studies by TIAA-CREF show that people with a higher financial literacy are more likely to plan for retirement and have more than double the wealth of people who don’t.

The following are a collection of videos created as part of the FIN320 Ask Scottie project, that show some aspect of financial literacy.


Fall 2013

Budgeting - (6:07, Jessica Beatty)
Credit Score - (6:07, Trevor Nice)
Identity Theft - (6:01, Seth Vicars)

Fall 2014

Apartment Hunters - (5:44, Kate Arndt)
Building Good Credit - (5:47, Joshua White)

Fall 2015

How to Repay Student Loans - (4:55, Brett Hormann)