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Investment Club: SMIF Consortium Constitution


The mission of the Student Managed Investment Fund Consortium (SMIFC) is to provide a forum among member institutions to share student managed investment fund best practices in investment management and organization administration. Activities of the consortium will emphasize graduate and undergraduate student education, research, and leadership.


The SMIFC will provide member partners with access to educational resources covering best practice in investment management and organization administration. Most of these resources will be contributed by consortium partners who have shared strategies for successful student led investment groups. Indiana State University will host a SMIFC electronic archive for this purpose.


The SMIFC will organize a conference each year to provide networking opportunities for its members. Students will assist in the organization of the conference and will participate by presenting their practices in investment management and/or organization administration. Student research and white papers will be maintained in the SMIFC resource archive. The conference will also spotlight a number of industry participants who will speak on topics of interest to its members. Opportunities exist for panel discussions of students, advisors, and industry partners. The conference will be hosted by willing member institutions on a rotating basis.

A key benefit of the SMIFC is that students can travel, network, and visit member institutions to glean a broader perspective of investment practices.


The SMIFC builds a community of institutions with a shared vision for student success and leadership in investing. This common purpose provides for a broad network of support, problem solving, and friendship.

The SMIFC establishes relationships with industry partners to assist in its primary goals of student education, research, and leadership. These industry partnerships also provide opportunities for corporate sponsorships of SMIFC functions, student scholarships, internships, and employment opportunities.


Membership in the SMIFC is open to institutions of higher learning with an interest in student managed investment funds, and who have an interest in contributing to student education, research, and leadership. Membership of the SMIFC will determine how it shall be organized, including administrative officers, to achieve the organization’s mission.