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Several Scott College of Business departments have their own social media sites. Stay up to date with what is happening around the College.

Scott College of Business

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On December 8, 2016, LinkedIn changed the way that their "university" pages worked and transferred them to "company" pages. Our original "university" page can be found at, the current "company" page of the college is linked to in the first LinkedIn icon above which is


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Ethics Conference

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Executive Express Cafe

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Finance: Financial Planning

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Investment Club

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Meis Student Development Center (MSDC)

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Networks Financial Institute

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Networks Professional Development Program (NPDP)

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Operations and Supply Chain Management

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Sales and Negotiations Center

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West Central Indiana Small Business Development Center (WCISBDC)

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Other Resources

Public college events are listed on our website at 

All faculty and staff of Indiana State receive a daily email of news and events from around the university called ISU-Today. You can view the daily digest at or you can subscribe to the mailing list by following the instructions at

The university produces an online magazine called STATE and that can be found at Copies of various Indiana State magazines and viewbooks are available in an interactive format at

Community events can always be found on the university calendar -

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Contact Us

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